Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Minimize effect of pesticides before eating fruits and vegetables

Have YOU ever thought that when you buy food,fruits and vegetables from a vendor,shop or a mall,you are taking some umwanted things which is slowly but surely causing bad effects to your health..
The vegetables,green leaves and fruits that are bought from the market or harvested from the field have chemical pesticides on their surface.It is important to remove then before use.
How to remove  pesticides from fruit and vegetables* Washing with plenty of water(Preferably with flowing water) or comman salt water.
* Peeling of skin where ever possible followed by washing in clean water(if possilbe)is found to be more effective
* Steam cooking and boiling vegetable can reduce the pesticide effect.

Possible effects of posionious chemicals to health while using can cause posioning.
Mild posioning :- Headache,nausea,dizziness,faitgue,loss of appetite,,irritation of skin,eyes nose or throat.
Moderate posioning :- Vomiting,blurred vision,stomach cramp,palpitation,breathing difficulty,excessive sweating,trembling and contriction of pupils.
Severe posioning :- Unconsciousness,respiratory failure,loss of pulse and death.
 !! Important things to remember !! Pesticide and preservatives are only a Chemical,it cannot discriminate You and Your pets from your pests.
It harms all form of life - Pests,Pets and most important YOU !
Short terms gainsChemical pesticide are necessary in effective controlling many crops,vegetables and fruits.This has prevented big economic lose

 Long term losesThere care less and indiscriminate use results in many harmful effects on your health causing many disorder and diseases.These disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.
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