Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to keep your Fiancée’s or Life Partner's Anger away

 Busy Schedule in today’s  lifestyle,Most of man have less time for himself. It is very difficult to find a person, who will take care of you. In such instances, a need for a true partner is felt – who can take care of your sentiments.Actually this type of relationship is required for lifetime. If you are fortunate enough, to be blessed with such a partner then you can keep that God's gift, close to your heart for ever. But in such relations some important aspects are to be kept in mind, which can keep your Fiancée’s(partner’s) anger away.Following Tips can give you a better idea.



1. Do not criticize.

A true criticism is liked by people, but is not essential that, it applies on your Fiancee(Partner).It is seen that a general suggestion can make your Partner angry. Intrusion in personal habit of eating, wearing etc. can make your partner angry. So behave him/her with a friendly attitude.

2. Give importance to your Fiancée or Partner, as much you give to your carrier.

This is Undisputed truth that your carrier and work is important for you and also for him/her. He/She will be happy with your success and achievements. But, if you are always busy in your work or You are a Workaholic – it is possible that your Partner or Fiancée will be unknowingly moving away from you, because he/she is not into your priority of importance.

3. Do not hurt sentiments.

Never hurt sentiments of your partner. No one can tolerate distrust in relation. Trust which has grown in mutual understanding,over a certain period of life time, can be loosed by hurting sentiments. Sentimental distrust, hurt more than physical torture. It is important that you should not doubt on your Partner’s character.

 4. Give care to likes and dislikes.

 Special care is to be given to likes and dislikes. If you are stylish, it is nothing bad in it but it is to be kept in mind that does your partner feel comfortable with it. If your Partner likes your style then, its ok, but if he/she does not like your style then you should change your style.

5. When you are together anywhere.

When ever you are with your partner, give importance to each other instead of giving importance to other. Realize your Partner or Fiancée that he/she is important to you and let him/her feel comfortable with you. Add more nearness and belonginess in love.

 6. Be accountable.

If you have promised to go with your Partner, for shopping, lunch/dinner or for any other things. Be there at time and avoid being late. Accountability of time is important everywhere specially when someone special comes in your life. When ever you have time, try to give maximum time to that Someone Special in your life.

                                                                This all are minute things, which helps in understanding each other and bring each other more closer, because your Fiancée/Partner is very important and special for you. Just apply this Simple Tips for your Someone Special. My Zimbio
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