Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fasting and its Relation to Health Rejuvenation

Generally Fasting is considered to be related with some Religious Rituals.

In some form or other fasting is done in all Religions around the World

Literal meaning of "FAST" is Quick or Firm.

We can say QUICK or FIRM healing of both Body and Soul.

In context of Religious rituals Fasting is considered to Follow a set of Rules in Eating ( Good Nutrition for Physical Health ) and Prayers/Devotion ( For Spiritual Health )

                              Fact to be considered that Fasting is not Starving ( Lack of Food )

                                      Then what the Fasting is....?

                    *  It is choice or selection of Food and Devotion for a Particular Period of Time.

In Broader sense,People generally take Milk or its by product,Fruits during fasting and cut down or stop consumption of grains,oil,cereals { Carbohydrates and Fat }

Fruits are Good source of Minerals,Vitamins and Fibre which helps in proper functioning of body by improving the immune system along with prayers or devotion which boost up the Spiritual Health ,which gives a internal Bliss.

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  1. want to know more about fasting and its effect