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@ 9 Things..How to prepare for a e-Interview & web-Interview

The technological advancement in the area of computers and internet has enabled many multinational companies to start a new trend in job market. Many companies and organizations have started taking web-Interviews or e-Interviews as it saves time and money for both the company and the candidate appearing for a job.

                  So now the question arises what is a web-Interview or a e-Interview or what is difference between a traditional interview and e-Interview.

                   In traditional interview you have to appear physically to the place where the company or institution called you at a particular time and place.
                    Whereas in web-Interview ,you have to appear online through your personal computer or laptops having facility of web cam, mike and speaker, at a time as decided by the interviewer or the Human Resource Department of a particular company or organization.
                    So, now you have a idea, what a web-Interview or e-Interview is….?

1. Benefits of web-Interview or e-Interview

There are many benefits mainly,
  • You save time and money.
  • You have not to travel other cities.
  • You can appear from your home.
  • As you appear from your home you feel a homely environment.
  • You have more self confidence as you are appearing from home or your own place.

Next, the question is how to prepare for it…?

                                   The only and main difference in web based interview is that, You are not appearing physically, but you have to prepare for it.

2. Preparation before the interview

  • Review and research the Job specification and position description.
  • Learn about the organization by visiting their web page.
  • Decide a night before the interview what to wear.
3. At the time of interview

  • Be relax ! Think of a interview as a two way conversation, not an interrogation.
  • Greet the interviewer by looking at the camera, with a smile.
  • Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous and honest
  • Sit With Comfort.
  • Be within yourself. Don’t use vocabulary that you don’t understand or pretend to be someone you are not.
  • Stay on the topic and address the question that is being asked. If you don’t understand the question, ask for a clarification.
  • Listen to the question carefully and give a clear, concise, and thoughtful answer.
  • Think before you speak, answer each question clearly and use specific examples rather than general statements.
  • Provide information about education, skills and work experience if any.
  • Give warm thanks after the end of interview.

4. Post Interview (After Interview)

After interview write down your thoughts, what type of questions were asked and how you responded. Keep these notes as a guide for further interviews.

5. Some more tips on preparation

  • Prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions.
  • Be well groomed and well rested, neat and trimmed hairs.
  • Treat this type of interview as you would have a face to face interview.
  • Wear colour cloths which will shop up better on the screen. Don’t wear reflective jewellery.
  • Stay stationary in front of the camera, and avoid chairs that rock or spin.
  • Address your answers to the camera not the screen.
  • Listen carefully to the question and instructions asking the interviewer to repeat anything you don’t understand.

6. Do’s  & Don’ts


  • Gather information about the company or institution.
  • Prepare questions and practice their answers.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Maintain eye contact by looking at the camera.                        
  • Always be positive.
  • Be honest.
  • Show that you like working as a team.
  • Use your and other’s time wisely.

  • Do not neglect appearance.
  • Do not neglect posture.
  • Do not lack energy levels.
  • Don’t be rude.
  • Don’t be too familiar.
  • Don’t give unknown or vague answer.
  • Don’t emphasize money particularly salary.
  • Don’t be indecisive.
  • Don’t be unprepared.
  • Don’t criticize any person, company or institution.
  • Don’t make excuse.
  • Don’t be possessive and aggressive.

7. Dressing for Success

Dressing for Man:-
  • Neck tie should be silk with a conservative pattern.
  • Get a haircut; short hair always fares best in interview.
  • No beard.
  • Mustaches are a possible negative, but you make sure it is neat and trimmed. No rings other than wedding ring.
  • No earrings or other visible body piercing.(If you normally wear one; take it out)

Dressing for Woman:-

  • Always wear a suit with a jacket.
  • No purses, small or large.
  • If you use nail polish, use clear or conservative colour.
  • Minimal use of make-up(It should not be too noticeable)
  • No more than one ring at each hand finger.
  • One set of earrings only(Not hanging one)

8. Technical preparation before a e-Interview

  1. Power supply. Have a power back up attached to your computer for a unforeseen situations of power breakups.
  2. Make sure that the connections to the internet is well established, otherwise there may be a situations to get disconnected during the interview procedure.
  3. Give a check up to all the connections, cables etc.
  4. Check the camera, speaker, mike is working properly.
  5. Put the web camera at a appropriate location.
  6. Select a well furnished room where you can set your computer and accessories.
  7. Remove all unwanted things (which may be seen to the interviewer and they may get distracted) from the background.
  8. Set up your system at a proper and convenient height.
  9. Place and set your web camera, at a proper height where you are going to be seated.
  10. Use mike instead of headphones.

9. Some Most Commonly asked Interview Questions.
  1. Tell about Yourself?
  2. What are your greatest strength/weakness?
  3. Why did you leave your last job?
  4. Why did you want to work with our organization/company?
  5. How did you like your last job?
  6. What salary do you expect from us?
  7. Why should we hire you?
  8. What you think and your views about your last boss?
  9. What and how did you know about our company/organization?
  10. Where do you see yourself in coming five to ten years?
 Last but not least..All the Best Wishes
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