Monday, January 23, 2012

20 Ways To Get Better Mileage(Average) And Be Fuel Efficient

Isn't a Big Question....???? That YOUR Vehicle should give a Better Mileage all the Way...!!!! What YOU Think...?? Is YOUR  Car or Bike Performing Well When it comes to The Question of Fuel Efficiency.

                                                                      YOU may be thinking about ,How can be this Purpose Possible.Well.....I am now going to Share Few Secrets,which were shared by my workshop mechanic , where I get My Vehicle Tuned and Maintained.By following the given Secrets YOU can also make YOUR Car or Bike More Fuel Efficient ,which will save a Lot of Money from YOUR Wallet.

For achieving Better Mileage Follow this Tips

1. Keep YOUR Car or Bike Engine Tuned.Test Shows that 5%-8% of fuel can be saved by keeping Your engine well tuned.When engine emits dark colour smoke,it means,it is consuming more Oil & Fuel .Get it serviced at a authorized workshop.Delaying may cause You pay more for Fuel.

2. Maintain a clean and healthy air filter.

3. Use good quality of Lubricants and Oil.Thinner Oil increases Fuel Efficiency up-to 2%-3% .

4. Do not wait for Your engine to warm up.Drive at low gear till the engine get heated.Due to Low temperature Your fuel consumption will doubled.

5. When You have to stop for more than 1 minute ,stop the engine.

6. Always use correct gear.Improper use of gear can increase fuel consumption by 20%.

7. Maximize use of Top gear .At Top gear minimum fuel is consumed.

8. Maintain a healthy Tyre pressure.Check Your Car/Bike tyre pressure every week.

9. Drive within the speed bracket(shown green at milometer)as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.

10. Do not use clutch when not necessary .Use clutch when You want to change gear.Improper use of clutch cause loss of energy which results in increase of fuel consumption.

11. Maintain a good braking habit.

12. Get clean the carburetor after every 3000-4000 kilometer or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 

13. Keep Your self starting system well maintained ie. battery, Dynamo,wiring etc.

14. Change the spark plug after every 20000 kilometer.

15. Get cleaned Your Car/Bike Fuel tank in every six month.

16. Do not carry extra and useless load.Tests shows that reduction of 50kg in two wheeler s increase your       mileage by 5% and 2% in four wheeler s .

17. Do not misuse air conditioning system in car.Using a/c increases fuel consumption by 20% .For fuel efficiency and better cooling keep the intake air control lever at re-circulation mode and shift the blower speed to minimum after the initial fast cooling at maximum speed.

18.Make a Car pool.Find people who goes into same direction as You.You can share Your Car and Money too.

19. Decide prior to making trips.Before making a trip ask yourself few questions,"What is the importance of my journey". "Do I use my vehicle or public transport." " Is it possible to combine this trip with other in same direction."

20. Decide Your route.Peak hours are the hour of traffic jams and congestion.The short routes are always congested at peak hour.Traffic congestion will double Your time and fuel consumption.So take a longer route which has low traffic.

                                                                                By following above tips and SHARING this Tips to Your Friends,You can save Your valuable Fuel,Money, Environment........and You can also Help Your Friends do to the same.

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