Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Have a Good Sleep Without a Pill..??

                                                            A Good Sleep....? What..????

                                                         Is it a Art,Science or a Magic....!!!!

                                                               Well it is all about HABITS

A Habit,Well Friends You would here like to go with Habits.

                                          If You are not having a good Sleep,that means You have made some habits that is disturbing Your Natural Sleep Mechanism.

                                    Following steps will help You in having a good Sleep.

1.Reading : Go to Your bed with some reading material . By reading few pages your eyes will feel heavy and it helps in having good sleep.

2. Listening Music :  Listen music You Love & Like.You will feel relaxed and this will help You for better Sleep.

3. Bath : If possible take a bath prior to going into bed.Your body will be relaxed and detoxify.

4. Self Massage : Do a gentle massage on Your hair roots, fore head and eye balls.If someone can do it for You,it is a piece of cake.

5. Use some light perfume that suits You, in Your bed room, natural smelling flowers are the best.Use it on Your Pillows.

6. Do Some eye relaxing exercise. Move Your eyes in circulatory motion ,both clockwise and anti-clockwise Do this 10-15 times.
7. Light exercise in evening also helps.Take a walk after dinner.

8. Do not take Tea / Coffee before going to bed.

                                                           HAVE A GOOD SLEEP
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