Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why 2 Do Bargaining In Shopping

Doing Shopping is a part of life.Do You have any idea about - how You buy things - Friends we are talking about the price of the goods or stuffs that You buy.Do You pay the full price that was offered by the seller,without asking for lowering the price or discount.

                                  Most time people do not think about it.The word BARGAINING is unfamiliar word with most of the folks.Whatever You bought last time,have You paid the full price(as mentioned in the price tag) to the seller or have You asked for some rebate.Actually the seller make a margin on the things that he sells.Now the question is about Bargaining,as far it is concerned;In international business - Countries do bargain,Business houses do bargain then Why Not YOU...????

                                    So next time when you go out for shopping,ask for a discount on whatever you like to buy.Do not think,bargaining as a horrendous task,just think as a part of shopping.

                                    Remember one thing, your appeal for getting a discount,can many times save your valuable money,that you never have thought off.

                                     There are possibilities in in all sort of shopping.It does not matter wither you are shopping for a aircraft or a needle.Opportunities are there in every thing you can think.So the matter is would you ask for it or not.

                                     So whenever you go out for shopping next time just ask for a convenient price which can please both the seller and YOU.Do not mind in which Country or Location You are,about your religion,sect,language etc.It is possible every where,around the globe - 24 X 7.

                                      Thing is that,golden rule of bargaining works every where,if you able to put this appeal before.The big question is are you going to do it.Are you ready to layout your own ideas and thoughts in this matter and start to take off.
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