Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How 2 Care Leather Accessories

Humans are using leather since 1000 of years.Leather and its accessories are become an important part of human life.People wear Shoes,Jacket,Belt use leather bags,purse,Car interiors,Sofa and many more things made of leather.To keep leather shining and durable we have to give care and maintain it for long lasting presence.

Following things will help you in keeping your leather accessories long lasting.

 Water Proofing and Stain Proofing
A protective spray is an excellent way to protect your leather from water,snow,mud and spills.The best way to protect your leather accessories is to wipe the leather with a damp cloth,following the instruction as written on protecter spray.

Wear and Tear prevention
If you plan to use your leather accessories frequently,you have to consider following things:-

  • Maintenance :-  Finally,it is highly recommended to clean your leather accessories on a regular basis,depending on frequency of use.The cleaning methods depends upon the material.Leather can polished and conditioned with leather lotion applied with a soft cloth.
  • Suede looks best when brushed ,although special suede brushes are available,a clean tooth brush works just as well.
  • Leather Polishing :- To protect leather accessories choose a liquid cream or paste form of polish.However it is better to use the cream and paste form,as liquid often dries out and causes cracks.
If You are a leather afficionado;protocol demands that you know how to take care.Now different kinds of leather is available with different level of maintenance.However here are some slandered tips to ensure your leather stay longer.
  • Cleaning and Conditioning :- Clean your leather accessories with help of a cleaner that has already tested on a garment.It is necessary to choose a cleaner that does not leave any residue behind.Since this can act as a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.
  • For glossy finish,look for a good quality of polishing agent.Banana peel is said to be a quick home remedy to polish leather.
Leather Ailment and Storage
Leather ailment such as mildew,dampness and stains are very common.Attend to them immediately.You can use mild soap and water solution to clean them out or look for a common chalk powder.
Clean the leather to be stored with a duster or a dry house hold cloth.Remove dust or mud sticking to it.Since leather is a natural product it must be stored in a dry and cool place,away from places that may  make it sucpectable to moisture,fungus and bacteria.A de-odourizing could be great as it keeps the leather odour free.Wrap your leather items in tissue paper,cotton towels or clean plastic bags.This will avoid leather from dust,moisture and from abrasion.

Freshen Up Your Old Leather Accessories
Clean your leather accessories by opting for a good cleaning agent.Make sure it does not leave any residue since that can help breed bacteria and fungus on old leather accessories.Remember to preserve it in a bag that allow it to breathe.
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