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10..Things To Know Before Buying Shoes For Foots

Human foot is a remarkable piece of nature's engineering.Unfortunately many of us do not give our foot much more importance.When people roamed earth bare foot thousands of year ago,foot problems were not a issue ,but,today we need shoes to protect out foot from cold,injury and for pounding on hard surface.  
           The wrong shoe can cause or increase foot ailments.The right shoe can often prevent but cannot correct problems,therefore selecting a good shoes for pair of feet is part of a good care your feet deserves.
            In the current scenario for trends of fashion and lifestyle,too often we choose shoes for style rather than avoiding comfort and function.Wearing right and comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent many foot ailments.

Following are Shoe Buying Tips Which will Help You
  1. Do not depend on the size of your last pair of shoes,the size of your feet changes as you grow older,always have your foot measured before buying.
  2. Always try on both shoes and walk around the store.
  3. Generally most of us have one foot larger than other.How to know which foot is larger--very simple if you are a right hander then your left foot is larger,if you are left hander your right foot is larger(It is just opposite of Your hands).
  4. Buy shoes later in the evening as feet tends to swell during the day and it is best fitted while they are in that state.
  5. Be sure that shoes fit well at front,back and sides to distribute body weight equally.
  6. Select a shoe with upper part made of soft and flexible material to match shape of your foot,stiff head counters,appropriate cushioning and flexibility at the ball of the foot.
  7. The first shoe you try should be for your larger foot.Always fit the shoe to this foot.
  8. Stand up with your shoes on your foot,walk around.You should be able to move your toes at front of shoe. 
  9. Do not buy shoes that are tight,hoping that they will stretch and loosen to be comfortable,they probably won't.It is true that soft leather and suede gives slight molding to your foots but they will not dramatically increase in size.
  10. Always wear a sock when trying for shoe at store,wear a heavy sock,do not try with thin nylon socks.
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Wearing the right kind of shoes can enhance your appearance,a big deal.Shoes always form an important accessory and with wide range of styles available,People here begin to experiment much more with their shoes.

The perfect shoe for every occasion :- 

Shoes could be just another accessory if not used in right way.That is a lot more than goes into consideration before selecting the right shoe for your feet.Use the following tips before selecting a shoe for an occasion.
  1. Consider Your body type:- If You are short,wear high heels in nude shades,You will look taller.Curvy physiques should avoid peep-toes and ankle straps,it is better for them to opt for pointed toes and narrow heels.Taller people should opt for strappy or flat heeled sandals or gladiators or peep-toe pump.
  2. Matching the color of your shoes with your dress is an obvious choice but,however try to experiment with a contrasting color.Also experiment with metallic shades.they never go wrong and usually can be wore with many colors of fabrics.
  3. Have fun with formality.For a special event buy the most beautiful shoes but make sure the shoes co-ordinate with your outfits and they do not look out of order.
  4. Leather is an excellent choice when it comes to trousers and shirt.
  5. The color of shoes should be darker than that of trousers,You may opt for little jewels or beading on the footwear.

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  1. My shoes are important to me because they are my favorite accessory! Shoes can take an already fabulous outfit, or a conservative and safe one, to a whole different level.

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