Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To Do YOGA Sleep : A Method For Relaxation

Many Situation arises where anyone can lose emotional balance due to Physical and Mental pressure.By Yoga Sleep Physical and Mental pressure can be easily cured and on other hand Emotional balance can be re-achieved.
               Yoga Sleep is a easy process,it helps in gaining concentration.If a person practices Yoga Sleep prior to sleeping,he/she can free himself from mental and physical tiredness,feel fresh and in few days,can get relief from stress. 
                              One hour of Yoga Sleep is equivalent to 4 Hour of Natural sleep,therefore it is good to practice Yoga Sleep for a time of 20 minutes.By Practicing yoga sleep thoughts can be focused in a desired direction.

               Yoga Sleep is neither a process of sleeping nor it is awakening from sleep.It is a process between sleeping and awakening.

                     For example,if someone is not able to quit smoking. alcohol or any other ill habit,He/She can quit by doing commitment in Yoga Sleep.Many Lifestyle disease like Heart Problems,blood pressure,asthma can also be cured by practicing Yoga Sleep.Concentration can also be increased.

     How To Practice YOGA SLEEP 

There is a necessity of breathing prior to yoga sleep.It includes inhaling and exhaling.
          Lay down on a soft bed,by keeping your back straight,face pointing towards ceiling,both hands resting by side and palms facing upward.Now relax your whole body - from Head to Toe.Have belief in yourself,think and feel,take a deep breathe,inhale and exhale slowly,feel the air going in your lungs and coming out.Relax your body from head to neck - relax your hands - relax your stomach,take deep breathe ,relax your legs - take a deep breathe,relax your toes- take deep breathe.Now move from your all body parts - to your breathe - slowly concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling.When you reach this stage ,wait for some time,be relaxed and calm and feel the situation.

                 If You practice Yoga Sleep,You can keep your good health. 

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