Monday, February 20, 2012

!!..Women Love @ Jewellery-Man Love @ Cars.......Why...?

You have watched out gossip of Women and Men about aquirement of several things in social get together.Generally Men like to talk about the Cars,Bikes and Women about Jewellery.

So thing now is,What is the Secret behind it........??.

We have to move far behind,ages ago,in the era of Caveman,during that period,when men goes for hunting for food and return  with the kill and shows his masculinity and on other hand women uses to collect fruits/vegetables etc., meanwhile they also collect few natural ornamental plants and beads to enhance their feminity and beauty.

But as the civilization progressed and Human started cultivation and get settled.The hunting and gathering become obsolute.As the time have gone and we were introduced to a mechanised civilization.Human started to glorify himself by new means,as the basic instinct was so impulsive on them.They need new horizones to show their glory of achievement.Which is why,the men talks and love to tell about their cars,travels etc. and on other hand women likes to show and talks about their jewellery,as it reveals their feminity and beauty.

                              So now,You know the Secret behind this,Next time when You are a part of a social get-together,You will likely to hear about this talks and possesions.Just kindly appriciate Men or Women as they want to show their glory of acheviment.This will surely please them,though they may have spend a lot of money on such things.

Broadly speaking love of both Cars and Jewellery takes a big amount of money from the pocket.Keep in mind that money does not matters,appriciating the fun of acheviment is the thing that matters most.

                             This is the Secret behind the Men's love and facination for shining cars and Women's Love and facination for jingling jewellery
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