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@ Jewellery Care And Cleaning

Any One when hears the word   "" Jewellery "",gets excited - Mostly Woman,isn't it.It is rightly said that  Jewels and Jewellery are one of Human's most intimate and loved accessories from thousand of years in the past.
      The passion for a Jewellery makes an individual statement.A mega difference can be made by understanding how to care for your Jewellery and maintaining its elegance and beauty and keeping its quality sparkling for following generations.

How to care Jewellery by maintaining its uniqueness,despite it may be made up of Diamond,Gold,Silver,Gemstone,Pearl,Color Stone.....each can be cared and cleaned by following steps through ready home available things either You use any type of Jewellery.

     Care for Diamonds
With very simple technique you can keep your diamonds fire and brilliance as the first day you bought them.The key to a diamonds's magic is its sparkle and fire.Every day exposure to sweat,creams,skin oil,household chemicals and other substance can cause build up,which can dull your diamond's brilliance and shine.
        Diamonds need caring to keep them looking at their brilliance.These are certain tips of keeping diamond jewellery clean.
  1. Soak your diamond jewellery in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water. Dish-washing liquid is  good ,but any other mild detergent could do well.
  2. Use a soft brush to remove dirt.Soft is the key - do not use a brush with hard bristles,that are stiff enough to scratch the ring metal setting.
  3. Swish the jewellery around in solution and then rinse thoroughly in luke warm water.Close the drain hole first,or put jewellery  in a strainer to keep from losing it.
  4. Chlorine can damage and discolor your diamond.Keep your diamond away from chlorine and its by-products.You should always take off diamond jewellery before entering in a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub.
  5. Dry the diamond jewellery with a lint-free cotton cloth.If the diamond setting needs extra help,you can also use wooden tooth pick to clean dirt,very carefully push dirt away from the diamond and metal setting.
  6. Avoid touching clean diamonds with your fingers.Handle clean jewellery by its edges.
                             By following these simple tips on taking care of jewellery you can preserve it for a longer period and also save on unnecessary expense to repair.

        Care For Gold And Silver Jewellery

Most of jewellery is made of gold and silver.Although it comes in various carats and weights,but the steps of cleaning and maintaining are the same.
1. Gold and Silver jewellery should be taken off before shower.As the bathing detergent can cause a film to form on jewellery,making it dull in appearance by damaging the natural metallic shine.
2. At home you can use diluted lime juice despite you can find many cleanser available in the store to clean your jewellery.Tooth paste and tooth brush are also a good option to clean.
3. Avoid chlorine and its by-product,as it damages shine.At high temperature it can permanently damage or discolor your jewellery.Do not wear gold or silver jewellery while using chlorine bleach or in pool or hot bath tub.
4. You can remove tarnish by using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia,care fully brush with a soft bristle brush.After brushing  simply rinse with luke warm water and allow to dry.
5. Oil and grease can be removed by dipping the jewellery into nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

       Color Stone Jewellery

There are some simple care and cleaning tips that apply to all color gemstone jewellery.
1. After wearing gemstone;wipe your precious gemstone thoroughly with a clean and slightly damp linen cloth.This will enhance the gemstone luster and sparkle and also ensure that your jewellery is clean before storage.
2.  Store gemstone pieces separately in soft pouches warped in tissue paper.
3. Avoid you precious gemstone pieces coming in contact with salt water or harsh chemicals,such as chlorine or detergents.This chemicals may gently erode the finish and polish of gemstone.
4. Deodorants,hair spray,perfume and perspiration may cause jewellery to become dull,wear jewellery after applying cosmetics.
5. Do not allow gemstone pieces to sudden temperature changes.
6. If you have an active lifestyle for instance you work in kitchen,take extra precautions with some type of gemstone jewellery.Emeralds,for example,are brittle and should not be worn while doing household works or any other activity where the stone could be hit or damaged.
7. Be extra careful with ultrasonic cleaners.Some gemstone ar and can be fragile and can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners.

     Pearl Jewellery Care

1. Avoid your pearl jewellery coming in contact with  household chemicals like deodorants,hair spray,perfumes,cosmetic make-ups; which can dull their luster overtime and cause spots and stains.
2. Since pearls are very soft and gentle,choose pearls with thick nacre which can last long and withstand wear and tear over time period.
3. The best way is to wear them often because the body's natural oil keeps them lustrous.
4. Pearls should be wiped with a soft cloth before storing and kept separated from other metallic or gemstone jewellery,that may scratch or dull their tender surface.

      Some more general tips 

1. Treat your jewellery with utmost care.It may get scratched or dented or may break if handled roughly.
2. Keep your jewellery in soft cloth or cotton cloth to remove residue of the perspiration
3. Keep your jewellery in soft cloth when not in use.
4. If necessary get your jewellery cleaned and polished only from whom you have purchased or from a reputed store and never from unknown person;even if done free of cost.It jewellery may damage your reduce few carats from it.
5. Do not pile up or club jewellery in a container  as hard contact of items within themselves spoil the surface finish of the products.
6. Avoid contact of jewellery with mercury as jewellery may turn white on contact.
7. Soldering done for repairing may affect stone and finish of delicate jewellery.
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