Saturday, February 25, 2012

6 Type Of Food @ Exams

Exam Time is a important face which require long and tedious sitting for studies,affecting the normal routine of life;sleepless nights,overburdened pressure of getting good score.This affects on body metabolism and digestion.

                As this duration is important,now we are going to discuss about the food and nutrition to keep up your energy levels,metabolism and digestion.Though people use to take Junk food or convenient food as a part of their lifestyle.But,the exam period is a important  phase ,where you want to keep up your good health and avoid inconvenience caused by your eating habits,such as constipation,loss of energy levels,gastric,indigestion etc;as this will make you ill health and you will not like to bed-ridden during exams,which may cause in-sufficient scoring of numbers.

                         Question is..........!!! What to do....?? Now we will discuss about the food and nutrition that you like to take and avoid,during the important period of exams.Care must be given in your food intake and selection.It does not matter which type of food you take.

Intake of following food in your diet will help You


1. Take Plenty of fibrous food.

You already heard it before.Fiber is found in abundance in fruits,vegetables,legumes and whole grain.It keeps bowel functioning better.Fiber are anti-constipation too.Good source of fiber are........Oatmeal , Popcorn , Beans , Leafy Vegetables , Apple , Oranges etc.This are easily found in your kitchen.

2. Take easily digestible food.

Bread , Rice , Cooked Vegetables , Soup (Veg and Non-Veg), Mashed Potato , Mushrooms , Sprouts , Carrots , Watermelon , Scrambled Eggs.

3. Take plate full of salads.

Salads are good source of fiber,water and energy.It may be made of mixed fruits or vegetables.


4. Take Juices : Fruits and Vegetable Juices are a good source of natural energy drinks and boost your energy levels.

5. Milk : It is also known as liquid food,take it twice a day.

6. Honey : Honey is a complete food within itself,it boost energy level quickly and you can find it in your refrigerator.

Food That Should Be Avoided

You Should avoid food that is spicy,oily and fried,greasy or sugary,caffeine, more acidic,more tea and coffee,carbonated drinks such as soft drinks, tomato soup,mints etc.Leave eating Junk foods during this time because most of junk foods contain more oil and salts;avoid this foods till the duration of exams. 

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