Wednesday, February 29, 2012

!! 6 Things @ Meditation..!!

In Today's timeline everyone wants to be happy.Everyone wants to be bliss-ed. Mediation can be a good tool to achieve it.
                          Meditation means to collect thoughts to a focal point.Thoughts are very active,they come and go.Our eyes are the main organ which relates us to our outer world.This is the reason why closing of eyes is important during meditation.By inhaling - exhaling our breathe activities of body can be controlled.

Viewing from the Soul

1. How To Meditate.....?

Any person can reach to a stage of FOCUS.First control Your breathing pattern.Let Your lungs filled fulled of air,then slowly exhale,your body muscles will get relaxed.Let Your blood circulation be ceased.Feel incoming into,touching your front of nostril.After some daily practice ,you can feel the air coming in and out.......Warm and Cool.

                                      Now give a thought about about your daily activities and observe positive and negative work you have performed during a particular time of the day.This is self evaluation of your activity.Commit that your are going to do positive things which will please you and others.

2. Body Posture For Meditation...!!

Standing Posture: Stand erect maintaining a distance of one foot between your legs.Relax your body ,close your eyes and inhale and exhale as described above.
Sitting Posture: Select a flat and convenient place,which is neither too soft nor too hard.Sit with upright posture,relax and follow the instructions described earlier.
Laying Posture:  This posture is mostly preferred as the muscles of body are more relaxed.Lay down on bed which is soft and inhale and exhale as described.

3. Duration of Meditation....!!

There is not definite time log for meditation.You can get good result when you can do it for minimum 20 - 30 minutes,if you can do more it is far better.

4. Best Time For Meditation...!!

Early morning is termed as best time for doing meditation as your body is naturally relaxed,fresh after sleep.During this time of the day.You have minimal disturbances too.

5.  Perfect Place For Doing Meditation..!!

Choose such place,which is free from any sort of sound borne disturbances.Avoid too cool or too hot places.Choose a place with a proper air around and away from bad smells.

6. Benefits from Meditation..!!

Regular meditation gives you numerous benefits including building...
1.Self Confidence
2.Self Satisfaction
3.Self Regulation
4.Personality Development.
6.Maintaining Balance in adverse circumstances
7. Increasing Intelligence
8.Good Body Metabolism...... and many more you can self feel that after some practice and time.

                                                        You can get many good things for your health and life by doing meditation.Remember one last thing,meditation is a exercise for mind and soul,if you want to get its benefits.Practice it daily for good results and outcome.You  will get best results when you make it a habit and do it regular on a daily basis.

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