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!! @ 25 Things On Wedding Planning...!!

Wedding ! A unique word which sounds good and gives a plesant feeling of happiness.Getting married is a very precious occasion in anyone's life.Everyone wants to make this day remember able.Loads of work is needed to arrange a wedding.You have to start preparations many days earlier to the proposed date of the wedding ceremony in advance.So everything should be minutly planned for the upcoming rituals and ceremony of wedding.
                                                 Therefore,every minute things should be considered in the event so that the wedding ceremony can be made remember-able.For achieving desired results You have to arrange in advance for the ceremony.

The following tips & guidelines week per week will help You in arranging things for wedding .

25 -35 weeks before Wedding Ceremony :

1. Choose a proposed date: When choosing a date,consider mutually about the date;that will accommodate both the parties,your relatives and friends.Vacations are good,when kids are away from school and people plan for their holiday.When considering a date around a major holiday,remember that most venues increase their rates.
2. Fix Your Budget: Always be realistic when deciding the budget.After all You or Your family is paying for the wedding.It is good when both parties share the budget.Focus on few key things and budget other items around them.
3. Locate a Venue: In advance find a venue for wedding ceremony and reserve it.It is best suited to find a venue after engagement. 
4. Fix a Priest:  In advance appoint a Priest who is going to officiate the wedding ceremony.
Find a Catering Service: While looking for a catering service ask for few references,meet with the service provider and query about the menus and charges.
5. Booking for important ceremonies: Usually most marriage ceremony have music,dance and so on and on,each ceremony have some entertainment.If You are going to hire this services,make sure it is done in advance.
6. Booking for Videography and Photography : Do not take this people taken for granted.Most of videographer and photographer are booked many weeks in advance.Therefore start selecting this people in advance and give a look to their portfolio.Always keep in mind this people are responsible for capturing precious moments of life,which will remain remember-able for lifetime.

12-20 weeks before Wedding Ceremony:

7. Book various equipments : If You have decided for a outdoor function,order and book all the equipments and tools such as chair ,table,tent house etc.
8. Reserve Transporters: In advance book vehicle needed for the ceremony through a travel agency.
9. Shop for Wedding Costumes for Bride/Groom,relatives and Family: Beside Bride & Groom costumes,care must be given to what the people in the family are going to wear on the ceremonial day,is there any theme based costumes.There is tradition of giving costumes to close relative in many culture.Get their measurements to costume designer.
10. Purchasing of Jewels: Various jewellery are part of a wedding for bride/groom,it may include diamonds, platinum,gold,silver,pearl,gemstone etc.If you are looking for a special design,order it in advance.Look for store which give special discounts.
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11. Do Honeymoon Reservations: If the newly wed couple is planning to go for a honeymoon trip to a foreign country,get passport,visa and all other legal documents updated.
12. Accommodation for out station Guests: Estimate the out station guest coming to attend the ceremony and book Hotel and Guest House near to the venue of wedding ceremony.Go for Hotels and Guest House that offer discounts.

6-10 Weeks Before Wedding Ceremony:

14. Check out Guest List: List of Guest are always changing as the Guest drop in and out.You can make a personal phone call to every Guest and confirm their attendance instead of assuming,that all Guest are attending the ceremony.
15. Meet to Catering Service Provider: By this time You have selected a catering service for wedding reception now it is time for finalizing the menus of the reception.
16. Meet With The Priest: Many People follow their traditions in wedding.If You have any such tradition tell your Priest about any such requirements in advance.

3-5 Weeks Before Wedding Ceremony:

17. Sending Invitation Cards: When You mail invitation cards allow your Guest ample time to make the necessary arrangements for their travel.
18. Changing Last Name: If You are changing your last name,consider about your bank accounts,credit cards,passport,driving licence etc..Get your all legal documents ready for it.
19. Registering Marriage: If You want to register your marriage get necessary documents arranged.

On Week of Wedding:

20. Get The Wedding Costume: Make sure the wedding costume is well prepared and preserved for the wedding day.
21. Finalize the Guest count: Tell Catering service provider the estimated numbers of Guest for Banquet and Reception.
22. Beauty Parlor: One of the most important thing is your make up.So make sure you have booked a beautician in advance.
23. Packing for Honeymoon: During the course of preparation of wedding You may not have enough time to do your packing for honeymoon.So shop and arrange according to the climate of the place you are going for honeymoon.
24. Confirm Details With Service Providers: Get detail with videographer,photographer,caterer,florist,beautician,entertainment etc. a week before the wedding day.Just to make sure that they are available and have arranged necessary things.
25. Circulate Wedding Day Schedule: Give briefing to each wedding day participants about the days activity and about their roles on that particular day.
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  1. Finding the ideal location for your dream wedding is important, it sets the tone for the entire celebration

  2. Nice postings of wedding plannings. this planning is very useful for who can want make easy wedding must follow this steps and good wedding planner. cause of wedding planner is to organize complete wedding ceremony.