Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are You a Aware Consumer...????

In Today's Market ,Companies attract Consumers by introducing many products .In buying many things specially electronic goods,insurance,banking services people are in a situation of confusion and it is quite natural.
         Consumer forum is established for the sake of consumers to get right products and service. Now government owes consumer to become aware of shortcoming of  markets and malpractices of illegal profit earnings.Due to such reasons consumer forum are being established , to aware the consumers about their rights.
         Besides helping consumer's justification it also provide free consultancy for consumers.It gives consultancy to consumers prior to purchase of any products or services,by technically comparing and analyzing products and services already in the market.Due to this reason,any possibility of consumer being cheated will come to an end.Consumer facilitation center directly contacts to the company for price and quality and inquiry regarding to specialty of product or services is done.Consumer is then advised to purchase best quality products.specialist in related fields do this analysis on technical background.

        On other hand consumer facilitation center is also helping those consumers by quick solution of the grievances which are taken to consumer courts,as the court already numerous petitions where the solution of grievances takes time.For solving this grievances consumer facilitation center contacts both parties and analyse the matter and finds a way for a solution favoring consumers.
     Working on the principle " Consumer Be Aware " , the consumer facilitation center is working all around the country,for your facility you can contact the center of your respective area or zone.

                           Its Time To Change NOW...!!!!

    For List of Consumer Forums In India Click The Link Below.

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1 comment:

  1. Consumers would be thankful for such awareness forums. And sellers would think twice before selling spurious goods. Hopefully, rivals wouldn't be allowed to use these forums to speak negatively about their competition