Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 Ways To Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

Have You ever got your hair stuck with chewing gum.Generally the kids get their hair sticked with chewing gum .It is a situation of what to do..?? How to remove it from hair.

                           Most people have no idea how to remove it and in meantime they usually cut or trim hair.Though cutting hair is the instant remedy but while doing so the hairstyle is surely going to be loosed.
                  You can remove chewing gum , without cutting hair,by following methods.
  1. Corn Oil :- Get some corn oil and apply on the part where you want to remove chewing gum,keep it for 20 minutes.Corn oil being a good lubricant removes gum with ease,by far this is the best method.You can also use some other vegetable oil which is easily available in your kitchen.
  2. Ice Cubes :- You can also remove chewing gum by applying ice on the affected area.It freezes the gum and you can take the gum out by finger or comb.
  3. Alcohol :- Alcohol dilutes the gum,though it makes hair dry.Apply alcohol and keep it for few minutes.
  4. Peanut Butter :- It acts as good lubricant.Apply on hair and remove it by a comb.
  5. Nail Polish Remover :-  Actually nail polish remover have a good quantity of alcohol.This also can be used as a remover if you did not find alcohol,as it is easily available at home.
And do not forget to use Shampoo and  Conditioner after applying any of above methods.
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